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How to distinguish genuine leather and leatherette. (View 10124/Answer 1)
How to distinguish genuine leather and imitation leather.

The leather industry is constantly evolving, as well as other industry that has developed a product similar to leather. So we need to know different ways. The different types of leather and artificial leather before making a purchase. In order to get maximum value and satisfaction.

The characteristics of genuine leather.

Properties of leather.

Is there the smell of leather.

· Surface of the film with pores.

I felt the hairs on the back of ·.

· Pattern on the surface of the skin is a seamless one. Good quality leather will wrinkle the skin.

· Movies to disc with different patterns of nature.

· Cold water is absorbed.

· Hot weather, the movie will have a higher temperature.

· Leather fire will not burn a movie. The burning smell of leather. The light goes off by itself.

The leather industry has developed more. The fundamentals are changing. Certain factors that can not be divided, such as leather and artificial leather.

• The Water Repel Lance used to prevent condensation.

• The Top Coating or Finishing in the movie category, Corrected Grain or Full Grain leather has to be insulated and ventilated place.

La Franche use Full Grain leather type A grade produced by the plant with high production standards. The leather and design professionals who work in the factory system.

Artificial leather PU / PVC, which is different from genuine leather.

· Leather will not wrinkle when folded together on the surface. The leather has a high hardness. But at the same time. There will be some kind of artificial leather-like leather is wrinkled, then Semi-PU and PU.

· Surface of PU artificial leather are the viscosity and hands on experience. The surface of the PVC imitation leather with smooth leather, it is very dry, with genuine leather.

· The back of PVC artificial leather, plastic or woven fabric layers. PU artificial leather and correspond However, the grade will be sanding. The coat is similar to suede or leather fiber lines.

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