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How to clean silver buckle 92.5% and solid brass buckle! (View 1865/Answer 0)

La Franche pround to present a little tip to clean sliver buckle 92.5% and solid brass buckle. We hope our article can giving information to you.

Tool  ^^
1. Silver cloth or silver polishing cream
2. Clean cloth
Old toothbrush (for engraving buckle)

How to clean  ^^
1.) If the buckle is flat. Can be polishing with
silver cloth or silver polishing cream. Polish every part of buckle.

2.) For the
engraving buckle. You can smeared silver polishing cream on your buckle . Then toothbrush scrub it.

3.) Then after polished finish. You used a clean cloth to wipe again to rinse off the residue.

4.) Finally, you can get a new and very shiny

**Your hands may
be dirty, you must careful
residue **

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